Hosea: Moral Struggle and the Prophets

Series: 2021 - Summer Series, Moral Struggle and the Prophets

Wednesdays @ Eastside Live Bible Study, 7:00 PM EST

2021 Summer Series: Moral Struggle and the Prophets


The lessons will draw from the Prophets so we can understand and navigate the moral challenges of any age.


May 26, Hosea, Dan Petty

June 2, Joel, Byron Nash

June 9, Amos, Jon Page

June 16, Obadiah, Philip Williams

June 23, Jonah, Jared Saltz

June 30, Micah, Doy Moyer

July 7, Nahum, Jeff McCrary

July 14, Habakkuk, Shane Scott

July 21, Zephaniah, Blake Edwards

July 28, Haggai, Tim Smelser

August 4, Zechariah, Steve Wolfgang

August 11, Malachi, Phillip Shumake


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