Plan a Visit

Plan a Visit

What to Expect

We have parking spaces close to the main entrance.

You’ll be greeted at the door. Many of our members will want to introduce themselves to you, and someone will give you a guest card to fill out and drop in the collection plate after the Lord’s Supper.

On Sundays, we begin with Bible classes for all ages. The greeters will show you where you and your children can go for those.

After class, we’ll have a brief intermission and move to the main auditorium for an hour of worship. You may sit anywhere in the auditorium. We do not have assigned seating.

In worship...

  • We sing a cappella, which means without instrumental accompaniment. We sing both traditional and contemporary hymns, and even though we sing with a lot of enthusiasm, we still show deep respect for God and for everyone in the assembly.
  • We have communion every Sunday. Someone will talk about the importance of Jesus’ death on the cross and pray for God’s blessing. Then, several men will pass the communion trays around for the whole church.
  • We also have a collection. We understand this can be an awkward experience for guests who don’t know if they should give something or not. Please know: we will not require a specific offering amount from anyone—your participation is entirely your decision. This is an opportunity for our members to donate for the needs of our church.
  • You will hear a sermon. We have an employed preacher who delivers the majority of the sermons, and one of our church members will speak once a month. These sermons are designed to bring a relevant Bible message that may not always make you feel better, but it will always challenge you to be better!

Finally, you can expect to find a listening ear if you need spiritual help. We always offer the opportunity for someone to come to Christ in faith and be baptized. And we always offer the opportunity for someone to confess their sins and ask for the prayers of the church. If you want to do that privately, you can talk to our elders or our preacher about that after the church service. They will be standing up front after the sermon so you can easily know who they are.

We’re glad that you’re considering worshiping with us! You will be a welcome guest when you come, and we look forward to being a blessing to you!